Labor protection

Shanghai Barcelona Trading, S.L. specializes in the manufacturing of labor protection products in China. We are manufacturers of disposable and single use products in China to apply in any business, industry or company that needs to protect its workers in an effective manner and in compliance with the law, health and safety at work.

Our range of disposable products is very broad and we can adapt to customer needs in terms of fabrics, patterns, qualities, colors and sizes. We can offer robes nonwoven fabric, caps, masks, shoe covers, aprons, lumbar support belts, knee pads, mesh gloves for the meat sector, plastic coats, plastic aprons, nitrile gloves.

All products can be customized with your brand, label and packaging. Our large production capacities enable us to offer the best price, while ensuring the quality of our products. Our clients from more than 20 years have full customer satisfaction and for us this is the most important.